Wednesday, August 29, 2012

September 5/6, 2012 Wednesday/Thursday

Are you reading a novel for the first book report of your Basic 8 assignment -- Due September 18? 
Happy Birthday, Madison Morris! 

Sign up for your book for Basic 8, Book #1! The sign-ups will be passed around today
To Do:  Pick up your composition book and reading log.  Begin quietly reading your novel.

1. iRead and fill out reading log.   15 minutes +
           Are you prepared and on task?   
              If you are absent, ask a teacher for a make-up reading log.

 Focus  Learning Targets for today:  
  • You will need to know the correct use and spelling for your Seventh Grade Commonly Confused Words.   The test will be on  October 17/18,  but learn them as soon as you can, and use them correctly in your writing. 
  • You will need to know and give examples for the five major ways we learn about a character in a book.    The test will be on October 3/4.  
  • You will need to be able to recognize setting in a book or story.   The test will be on October 3/4.

2. iWrite   5 minutes +
Label this "Getting Along"  
          and add today's date  September 5/6, 2012

Prompt:  Why do different groups of people not get along?  Explain why you think they dislike or even hate each other, and give some examples of conflicts you’ve noticed. (school rivalries, clique disagreements,  rich vs. poor, family feuds, war)  

3. iWriteRight/ iSpellRight  20 minutes +
       Create mini-posters for your 
                Commonly Confused Words
      Receive handout:  confused words chart.doc
 If you are absent, you may download the chart.  When you come back, ask Ms. Dorsey for the mini-poster assignment. 

4. iLearn  -- The Outsiders    
  • Setting, Character, Plot  -- Characters-- Use the chart in your composition book.
  • Keep an eye on setting, too.    Create a page in your composition book to keep track of Settings in The Outsiders.

If you are absent, catch up on this reading during Cavetime or after school, or on your own if you have or can borrow a copy of the book.
         A1 --  Page 11 at the top  (19:57) -- page 16, 2nd paragraph (29:36)
             A3 -- Page 8 halfway down (14:48) -- page 14, two-thirds down (26:29)
             A4 -- Page 11 at the top (19:57) -- to top of page 16 (29:05)
             B7 --  page 6 to page 14,  two-thirds down (26:29)
             B8  -- Page 9, after 2nd paragraph (16:24) -- page 14, two-thirds down (26:29)


How we learn about a character:   
  • What the narrator says and how he says it  
  • What other characters say about him
  • What the character says
  • What the character does
  • What the character thinks

5.  Your Basic-8 Book Assignment  -- Due September 18
Read a novel, at least 100 pages, that you haven't read before, not on the DO-NOT-READ list, at or near your reading level, or 7th grade or over if your level is high.   
Basic 8 Reading Assignment 1.doc
Type this book report: 
         1) Title, Author, Number of Pages
         2)  Setting (place and time) and a list of important characters
         3)  A brief summary of the book, beginning to end, leaving out spoilers.
          4)  Rate the book and explain why.
          5)   Make a connection to the book. (to self, to world, or to another text) 
See the assignment and grading sheet for more information.

typed, handed in on Edmodo

Grading for Basic 8 Book #1