Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Capitalization:  Things You Need to Know (Copy these items into your composition book -- or onto a half-sheet to tape into your composition book later.)

Set #1 
1. The beginning of a sentence.
2. Proper Nouns
          - - specific names of people and    animals
          - - specific places such as cities, states, countries, stores, restaurants, rivers
               - - Brand names  

Set #2
3. Titles used before a person's name
       -- professional titles -- 
                Doctor, Professor
       -- government titles -- 
                President, Vice-President, Governor, King, Sir, Queen,   Princess, Lord, Lady, Senator
       -- personal titles -- Mr., Mrs., Ms, Miss

4. Proper Adjectives
           Proper nouns used as adjectives  [Italian dressing, German pancakes, etc.]

Set #3
5. Titles
     -- books  (The Son of Neptune)
     -- songs
     -- TV shows and movies
     -- poems
6. First word of a direct quotation
     -- dialogue
     -- quotes from other works when it's the entire sentence
7. Initialisms (DVD) 
8.  The personal pronoun "I" -- always! (Unless it's your iPod, etc.)