Monday, March 7, 2011

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

1. Bell-Ringer: Fix the spelling (preparing for our test on Friday).

Spelling for March 11 and March 18

If you are absent today, copy this below  or download from this link, and correct it.  -ment practice.doc

Student Name ________________________________ Period ____ Date __________
The Suffix "-ment"
          Our suffix for this week means "action, ________________ of, or _______________ of."    Circle and correct each misspelled word in this passage:

          Both citizens and our goverment  are worried as baby dolphins are dying along the Gulf Coast.  Most people think the deaths are caused by the impact on the envirment of the huge oil spill in 2010. Now a  group of oil companies led by Exxon says that  it has built  new equiptment that can stop an undersea oil spill within weeks.  Maybe what we need are amendmets to laws governing oil companies. 

2. New test to replace the old (and sad) one on subject-verb agreement.  This test is open-note, so you may use the handouts we've worked on that you've taped into your composition books.

Ice Story -- Book and DVD
Work in Groups

About Shackleton's Crew: 

A1    Book  to chapter 4    Video   to  lights on ship 

A2    Book  to   page 22   Video  to bagging coal

A3    Book   to   page chapter 3    Video   to end of disc 1

A4    Book     to chapter 5   Video to buffoonery on disc 2


Last day to hand in late  and revised work for this term is March 18.
  • Don't forget to study your spelling.  We only have two more tests after the one this week. Then we'll have an overall test on the prefixes and suffixes on March 25.   
  • If you haven't signed up yet for your March  Book-of-the-Month, sign up by Friday, March 11.  Your project (an external text feature for the book) is due by March 22.  Bk of Mnth Rubrics 2 for External Text Features.doc
  • If you haven't finished your January-February Book-of-the-Month project, do that immediately by going to your class wiki.  Don't forget to use informal citations on Part 2.  These were due on February 18.
Here are links to our English 7 class wikis for 2011.   See directions and examples on or linked from the front page for your class wiki.

Reminder: Your March Book of the Month Project -- one external text feature -- is due on March 22.  The score goes on this term, so even if you are late, get it in by Thursday, March 24.  Grades go in to the district on March 25.