Friday, March 18, 2011

Statewide Contest for Students

Make a Video

The School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration (SITLA) generates revenue from school trust lands that is saved and invested, and the funds go to each school to support academic programs under the School LAND Trust program.  The Trust Lands Administration has organized a DVD contest to teach students that respecting school trust land benefits all schools. Students will learn that good land stewardship and staying on the trails benefits their local school because healthy school lands generate revenue, the money is saved, and the interest and dividends go to each school for academic programs as determined by the school community council.

The contest is called “RideOn!” and it is a YouTube video contest promoting safe and responsible off-highway vehicle use and stewardship of school trust lands.   Contest winners will receive $1500 cash, distributed evenly to the winning student(s), his or her teacher, and school.  RideOn! is cosponsored with the Trust Lands Administration by Utah State Parks and Recreation and the Larry H. Miller Group. Prizes are paid for by the Larry H. Miller Group and off-highway vehicle registration fees. No SITLA funds, trust dollars, or tax dollars are used for prizes. 

The RideOn! video contest is open through May 13.  The Utah Off-Highway Vehicle Advisory Council will select winners before the end of the school year. Categories are elementary; junior/middle school, high school and post-secondary.  A $1500 prize will be split between students, teachers and schools in each category. 

More information is available at

State Office of Education