Thursday, March 3, 2011

Spelling for March 11 and March 18

Vocabulary/Spelling #16           Test on March 11, 2011
 Suffix to study:   -ment  which means action, state of, result of
Notice that -ment turns words (usually verbs)  into nouns.

1.     government       gov -  ern   - ment          
             Extra credit: “Govern” comes from a Latin word meaning “to steer” as in steering a ship.  

2.     equipment      e – quip – ment
                Extra credit:  “Equip” comes from an Old Norse (Scandinavia/Norwegian) word meaning “ship” because it originally had to do with fitting out (preparing everything needed for)  a ship.  
3.     environment      en-vi-ron-ment
              Extra credit: “En” means “in.”   “Viron” comes from  “around, circle, turn.”

4.     amendment    a-mend-ment
               Extra credit: “Amend” means to “correct, or to free from fault.”  (It has “mend” in it.)
                 Do you know about any of the amendments to the Constitution of the United States? 

New Spelling Assignment: 
Vocabulary/Spelling #17             Test on March 18, 2011
 Prefix to study:   re-  which means   again
1.    receive      Extra credit:    capere to take       Receive = "to take again"
          “i before e except after c”
2.    review        Extra credit:  vidēre, to see         Review = "to see again"
3.    revise         Extra credit:  vidēre, to see          Revise = "to see again"
4.    revoke        Extra credit:  vocāre to call         Revoke = "to call again"