Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Your paragraphs comparing and contrasting Words By Heart with "Song of the Trees"  are  due by March 3.  If you need a page on the wiki to do yours, let me know.  The hard copy for the assignment is here:
Two comparingcontrasting paragraphs.doc
7th Grade Paragraph Rubric General.doc
This was our final assessment on Words By Heart. It was also a final assessment on writing paragraphs. You may revise and resubmit, if you resubmit with the papers/paragraphs that were already graded. This must be done by March 18.  

See information about our current Book-of-the Month project by clicking the Book-of-the Month tab above.  

Don't forget your spelling test on "pre-" next time.

Bell-Ringer:  Subject/Verb Agreement  -- Find ten subject-verb agreement errors in the following passage about Antarctica.  Underline the subject, circle the incorrect verb, and write the correction above the circled verb.

     There are a place on earth where few creatures can survive.  The land are covered with ice and snow, and temperatures is far below freezing for most of the year.   Beyond the warm lands of South America, Africa, Australia, and New Zealand lies the cold waters of the Antarctic Ocean.  If all the ice and snow that covers Antarctica was to melt, the world's seas would rise about 250 feet.
     The only creatures that inhabits Antarctica's interior is insects.  However, thousands of penguins lives on the continent's frozen coasts.  Skuas, which you might remember from the movie Happy Feet, is probably the penguins' worst enemy.  Whales and seals also lives in the waters surrounding the continent. Most of the people who live in Antarctica is scientists.

 Museum Walk for   Ice Story Pictures
   Students went on an outside walk to find and write about pictures from the nonfiction story we will be reading about.  If you are absent, get one of the handouts and use the pictures at the above link to complete the assignment.

Time for a Snow Storm!
Make a snowflake for our classroom:  snowflake directions.doc  Use the directions, or create your own.


Antarctic Exploration today: http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=127927527&sc=fb&cc=fp

June 21, 2010
A robot submarine has made a surprising discovery under the floating ice shelf of a West Antarctic glacier that recently has been disappearing into the sea with alarming speed.. . . .


Essential Questions for Ice Story:
What is courage?
What does it take to survive?  
What makes an effective leader?  a hero?
How would we apply what we learn from past stories of survival to preparing for trials in our lives?

Why do we read?
How can we make our reading more effective?

What is nonfiction?
How can we use external text features to improve our reading and writing?
How can we use internal text structures to improve our reading and writing?

Create a new external text feature for your own Book-of-the-Month.
Read and write effective paragraphs with specific internal text structures.
Apply lessons learned from Shackleton's story to  modern emergency preparedness. (possible)

Subject-Verb Agreement Antarctica.docx
Originally Published 2/28/2011