Friday, March 18, 2011

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Last day of class for Term 3 -- Last day to hand in March Book Project (One external text feature for your book.)

Bell-Ringer:  Label: "Letter Home"
You're there -- at whatever point you are in the book-- with Shackleton's expedition.  Write (in your composition book) a letter home.  Tell them about what you've been experiencing.  Use letter format. Write 1/2 page or more.

Example of letter format:
Off the Coast of Antarctica
July 15, 1915

Dear Mom, 

With Love, 
your signature

Spelling test on -tion.

  Vocabulary/Spelling #18           Test on March 24
 Suffix to study:   -tion  which means act or  state
1.       attention     extra credit:  The "at" part means "towards", and the "ten" part means  "to stretch or extend."  So if you are paying attention, you are stretching toward something.  Tension and tense come from the same word part as the "ten" part of attention. 
2.       population -- extra credit: "pop" means "people."
3.       operation --  extra credit:  "oper" means "work."
4.       transportation -- extra credit:  "trans" means "across."  "port" means "carry." 

Our next spelling task will be to review and test on all of our prefixes and suffixes and the words that go with them.


A1 to South Georgia -- still have to scale mountains
A2  to the Whaling Station
A3 to song on Elephant Island: "It's a Lie"
A4 to high mountain ridge -- slid down