Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Friday, April 1, 2011

Bell-Ringer: Prepare for prefix/suffix test. 

Practice test on Prefixes and Suffixes  (Final test next time.)

More on External Text Features and Internal Text Structures

Download the PowerPoint about External Text Features:    external text feature test.ppt

Examples of External Text Features

Download the PowerPoint about Internal Text Stuctures:    internal text structures.ppt

Book Pass
and apostrophes

Media Center to look for books for Book of the Month --
Don't forget to sign up by April 7!

Book-of-the-Month:  Sign up for your book by April 7.  Be half-way through reading it or so by April 18, and bring it to class all that week and the next so you are prepared to do some in-class activities with the book.  The book for this time should be contemporary realistic fiction: a novel that could happen in our time, but is a fictional (made-up) story.  Select a book that has 100 pages or more and that you have not read before.  

Contemporary Realistic Fiction 


Coming Attractions:
lie and lay
commas in a series
simile and metaphor