Saturday, March 12, 2011

March 16, 2011

We're almost at the end of the term, and the last day to hand in all late and revised work is this Friday, March 18.

 We will have a spelling test on  "re-"next time.

Spelling for March 11 and March 18

Next time we will check your composition books.  

Grading:  Composition Book Term 3.doc

Or you could see  the tab above for Composition Book -- What You Should Have So Far.


Today's schedule: 

 Computer Lab 212    

Narrative Essays -- 3 Choices.doc

About 1/2 hour  to write your essay.  

You need a topic sentence in your first paragraph, paragraphs with details, and a concluding sentence in your last paragraph.

Example topic sentences:

"Accomplishing what seemed impossible was one of the best things I've ever done."

"They say that the best way to learn is by personal experience, and I certainly learned a lesson when I . . . "

"It was in fifth grade and in front of over three hundred students that I had one of my most embarrassing moments."

(DO NOT write anything like, "I'm going to tell you about. . . . )


Spend the rest of the class time in the computer lab working on your March Book-of-the-Month Project.

Here is a tool to create a timeline.  

You will have to add your own illustrations.  I recommend printing the vertical format.

Samples for glossary and who's who:

Glossary for The Trouble Begins at 8.doc

Who’s Who for The Trouble Begins at 8.doc

Reminder: Your March Book of the Month Project -- one external text feature -- is due on March 22.  The score goes on this term, so even if you are late, get it in by Thursday, March 24.  Grades go in to the district on March 25.