Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Wednesday/Thursday, March 6/7, 2019

Announcements and Reminders:
 February 28 was the last day to hand in late work, revised work, and extra credit for Term 3 unless you have made arrangements with the teacher. 
March 8:  Last day of Term 3   -- Hand in your unused hall passes. 

Make sure you have turned in your Research Questions paper.     

On February 27/28, students handed in the project including these parts for 250 points on the third term grade:
1. Rubric with your name
2. Main Idea/Supporting Details  with reflection on the back
3.  Final Draft with title page, introduction page including the tombstone with basic information, introduction, body paragraphs about your famous person's life and death (mixed together using transitions), two sentence imitations highlighted in green, three opinions highlighted in yellow, and a conclusion,
4. Peer-Reviewed  Rough Draft

The How They Croaked Chapter Assignment - STUDENT SAMPLE

Targets for Today:
 I can define inference.
I can make an inference about life in Jonas' community.
I can cite 2 quotes that support my inference.
I can explain how my quotes suggest my inference. 

Today’s  Agenda:

1. Making an inference about a short-short story. 

2. Making inferences about similarities and differences between the Community in The Giver and our own world. 
Use the "It Says. . . . I Say. . . .  And So. . . ." graphic organizer to make inferences using the first five chapters of The Giver.   

If You Were Absent:

Read this very, very short story “The Question” by Steve Hall—

"Starry night. Perfect time. Dinner by candlelight. Fancy Italian restaurant. Little black dress. Beautiful hair, sparkling eyes, feminine laughter. Together two years. Wonderful times. True love, best friend, no one else. ... On one knee. People stare. So what? Lovely diamond ring. Blush. Beautiful smile.   No?!"

What happened? How did you know? What you just did was take what the story said and what you know about the topic of the story and put them together to make a guess at what happened. A guess made from what the text says and what you know is called an inference.  We will be making inferences with The Giver.


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