Thursday, January 10, 2019

Friday/Monday, January 11/14, 2019

Announcements and Reminders Friday/Monday, January 11/14, 2019:

“Welcome to class! As you come in, get out your composition books.”
Roxberry is coming to our school today, Friday the 11th.  

You should have finished typing your argument essays on MyAccess.   
If you have not, finish it on your own and submit it by Friday evening, January 11.  
You are able to also work on them at home.
Hand in your packet on Monday or Tuesday.

Remember that we are scent-free and nut-free zone.  Thanks!

Targets for Today:

I can define mentor texts.
I can observe and imitate a mentor text. 

Today’s  Agenda Friday/Monday, January 11/14, 2019:

Prompt: Some states have crazy laws! Choose one of the following laws and write a story about how it came to be:

  1. Bingo games cannot last more than 5 hours (North Carolina)
  2. Chickens are not allowed to cross the road (Quitman, Georgia)
  3. If you cut down a cactus, you could be sentenced to 25 years in prison (Arizona)
  4. Policemen are allowed to bite a dog if they think it will calm the dog down (Paulding, Ohio)
  5. It’s illegal to sell your eyeballs (Texas)
  6. It’s against the law to sing off-key (North Carolina)
  7. You are not allowed to eat fried chicken any other way than using your hands (Gainesville, Georgia)

Then create one for you and your life on an 8 1/2 by 11" piece of paper.  Use words and illustrations and color.   

If You Were Absent:

When you come back, ask for a letter and waiver from Mrs. Hilton, or print them from this file: 
Parent Letter and Waiver Hilton.docx

Create your own -- about yourself.

If you haven't finished, here is the packet for your argument essay,  the outline for writing your argument essay for The Outsiders:

mentor text:  a text you analyze to learn how to write in a genre.
a text you study to learn how to write in a certain genre (how certain types of writing are written).  You use it as a model or pattern for your own writing in that genre. 

 Help and Enrichment