Monday, August 29, 2016

Tuesday/Wednesday, August 30/31

Announcements and Reminders:

 Cavetime begins on September 6. 
 School pictures will be taken on September 8.    

Your disclosure document signature sheet with the VIP form on the back is past due.  So is your first weekly take-home quiz.  Turn those in as soon as possible.     

Today, watch for your book-of-the-month assignment and your weekly Take-Home Quiz. 

You will take your spelling test next time on its/it's and to/too/two.       
See the spelling tab above for the sample sentences and other helpful information. 

Targets for Today:

  • I can complete a pretest on writing an argument essay.    
  • I can work to complete any unfinished assignments from last time in the computer lab.  
    •   Reading Test
    •   Writing an informative essay

This picture is a  metaphor -- or a simile,
depending on how you
say it! 
Why so many pretests?   We need to know more about what you know.  We can  do a better job teaching you if we know where you are in your learning.

Today’s  Agenda:

1.  Self-Starter:  Quietly read during the time before the teacher begins giving instructions.  Once she begins, put your book aside.  
You will have the opportunity -- starting today -- to sign up for the book you have chosen to read for the first book of the month. 
Be prepared to go to the computer lab. 

2. Receive these important handouts:

  • Receive the book-of-the-month assignment for September.   
  • Receive your  Take-Home Quiz of the Week. 
    •  QuizofWeek #2.docx  -- You would be wise to complete and hand this in early.  It will help you prepare for the spelling test on Monday.

3. Go to Computer Lab 224.  You will use the same computer number you used last time. 
         a.  Write a pretest argument essay on a new GoogleDoc. 
         b.  Finish the SRI (reading test)  as needed, and finish your informative essay (on your GoogleDoc).

If You Were Absent:

Arrange with the teacher  a time to take the argument writing pretest. 

If you did not finish the SRI (reading test), arrange for a time to do that. 

If you did not finish the informative writing pretest, arrange for a time to do that.