Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Books to Read over the Summer!?!

I just started reading this one and it's fun!
TEN MILES PAST NORMAL by Frances O'Roark Dowell -- It's about a girl who is a freshman in high school, and a farmgirl, and finds that her farm life seems to get in the way of having a happy high school experience.  According to her, milking goats, stepping in manure, and living so far away from friends and the mall can really cramp your style!

And I sampled this one:  GIFTED: FINDERS KEEPERS by Marilyn Kaye (She's the author of the book that the movie Penelope was based on.  It's about kids in a class for the gifted -- very gifted: gifts such as invisibility, mind-reading, seeing the future, and super-strength.

And then there's  THE FOOL'S GIRL by Celia Rees


Young and beautiful Violetta is of noble blood, but her
country is in shambles. She and her comic companion,
Feste, have just arrived in London on a mysterious quest.
Their journey has been long and their misfortunes many,
but it is not until they encounter the playwright William
Shakespeare that the whole story is revealed. Violetta and
Feste are in search of an ancient holy relic--her
country's greatest treasure--that the evil Malvolio has
stolen. Malvolio's plot seems complex and wide reaching,
but it's not clear who else is involved...until Violetta's
childhood love, Stephano, enters the scene.

Is this remarkable story a comedy or a tragedy? Spun from
Shakespeare's uproarious "Twelfth Night," Celia Rees has
crafted a wholly original adventure that stretches from
the shores of Illyria to the Forest of Arden, where
romance and danger go hand in hand.

Rees also wrote Pirates!
Nancy Kington, a wealthy merchant’s daughter living in Bristol, England in the early 1700’s, is sometimes lonely but enjoys the privileges her father’s business brings. Minerva Sharpe is a penniless slave’s daughter living and working on the Kington’s Jamaican plantation. These two young women, united through a set of extraordinary circumstances including a brutal murder, an arranged marriage, and set of ruby earrings, find themselves sailing the high seas in search of love, adventure and freedom—as pirates!  (from Amazon)