Monday, March 19, 2018

Secrets of Good Writers

Secrets of Good Writers 
• Think about their writing all the time (not just during writing time)
• Write to figure out what they want to say
• Write with their reader in mind
• Reread as they go—helps their thinking
• Read piece aloud to self—hear how it really sounds
• Read a lot; read quality literature; read like a writer (notice what authors do, including craft)
• Get their behinds in the chair every day, and write
• Often write best in a quiet, organized space
• Stick with it even when the going gets rough
• Don’t always love to write but love having written
• Get feedback from other writers
• Revise as they go along (not just after they have written)
• Know a lot about their topic (or find out what they need to know)
 • Are relentless about accuracy: facts, conventions, spelling, form, format, grammar, presentation

                           --Regie Routman