Thursday, March 1, 2018

Parts of a Sentence: Llama Mama Sentence

The llama (in the red pajamas) gave his mama a flower 
                                                              verb                       object
because he loves her
                        verb         object

The sentence is complex because it has an 
independent clause:  The llama (in the red pajamas) gave his mama a flower 
and a dependent clause:  because he loves her

The subordinating conjunction "because" makes "he loves her" dependent. 

1. Place parentheses around any prepositional phrases. (  ) 
2. Circle the verb or verbs.  [The action or what is being done.]   
3.  Underline the subject(s).   Who or what is doing the verbs?
4.  Double underline the object(s).  Who or what is affected by the action of the verb?  
5.  Write the answer to this question: Is the sentence simple, compound, or complex?  Why?