Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Introduce, Give, Cite, Explain, Show How It Relates

Example #1:        According to Time and, because of Daylight Saving Time, "We add one hour of natural daylight to our afternoon" (Time and Date).  That means we can have more free time outside than we usually do.  We can go outside and play and move for more time, so Daylight Saving Time provides that health benefit.

Introduce, Give, Cite


Show How It Relates

Example #2: Time and reports that there was a "7% decrease in robberies following the spring shift to DST [Daylight Saving time]."   Apparently more daylight discourages robbers.  Therefore we can see that Daylight Saving Time has the advantage of increasing safety in a community. 

Example #3: 

A 2017 article in Popular Science tells about how gene therapy saved a seven-year old boy's life by genetically altering some of his own healthy skin to grow new healthy skin all over his body.  He had almost died because of a disease that destroyed his epidermis, but after this procedure he is out of the hospital and has skin that does its job (Maldarelli)According to the article this procedure could be especially beneficial because they do not have to use donor tissue and worry about the patient's body rejecting the foreign tissue (Maldarelli).  Many people who need transplants could benefit from this sort of gene editing after it is tested more.  So gene therapy, a type of genetic engineering, could help many people who have diseases or need organ replacements.