Thursday, April 18, 2013

Thursday/Friday, April 18/19, 2013

1. iRead:  Read your nonfiction book and fill out the green worksheet for it.
Make sure you have your own nonfiction book TODAY!

2. iShowWhatIKnow: Group quiz on External Text Features

3.  iShowWhatIKnow: Individual assignment for finding external text features in your book/and/or in another. 
  •  Fill out the green external text features sheet using YOUR nonfiction book.
  • If you do not have your own book, select a nonfiction book from the book (brief)case and fill out the worksheet about it for half points.

  • If your book does not have all of the features, go around the room asking other students to share theirs.  Make sure you write the title of the book with each feature you find. 
This must be finished by the end of class!  It is an in-class project.  
If you are absent, please see this post for examples of external text features:  External Text Features, Alphabetically and use this document to collect external text features from your book and others: External Text Features in Individual Nonfiction.docx  This is the assignment "worksheet"  to be filled out. 

What is font?  A font is a set of type of one particular face and size.
This is Arial font.     
This is Chalkduster font.
This is Desdemona font.

This is Times Font.

B4 did not get to the poetry: 
4.  iReadPoetry -- Watch for central idea, author's purpose, 
audience, and mood.

Time Somebody Told Me
by Quantedius Hall

Time Somebody Told Me
That I am lovely, good and real
That I am beautiful inside
If they only knew
How that would make me feel.

Time Somebody Told Me
That my mind is quick, smart
and full of wit
That I should keep on trying
and never quit.

Time Somebody Told Me
How they loved and needed me
How my smile is filled with hope
And my spirit sets them free
How my eyes shine, full of light
How good they feel when they hug me tight.

Time Somebody Told Me

So, I had a talk with myself
Just me, nobody else
‘cause it was time
Somebody Told Me.

A1 got to here.
A3 did too. 

5.  Ice Story

a. Vocabulary 
peninsula: page 45

apprehension:  page 47

Ice Story Vocabulary

b. Read and answer questions

c. Video 

A1 video to 1:23:45 to 1:33:59 (4-26-13)
A3 Watched video to 1:18:34 to  1:19:00 
A4 Watched video to 1:12:53  to 1:16:00 
B7 Watched video to 1:07:55    to 1:17:04
B8 Watch video to 1:19  to

External Text Features
(If you'd like to practice, you could use the flashcard activity at 

Originally published April 17.