Friday, April 26, 2013

Ice Story Assignments

A1, A3, A4, B7 -- 
(B8 has packets of questions instead of 3-5.) 
Make sure everyone at your table completes these assignments:
1. Answer Questions about Prologue through Chapter 2.
2. Answer Questions about Chapters 3-5.
3.  Appropriately make and label the pictures page for chapters
        5 - 8 -- What They Saved and What they Threw Away.
4.  Read chapters 9-11 and create a journal entry as if you are there with Shackleton's expedition.
5.  Fill out the T-Chart for Chapters 12 - 15. 
6.  Fill in all available vocabulary words on the chart provided. 

To Save or Not to Save Activity.docx, chapters 5-8
Assignment: Write a journal entry as if you were with the Shackleton expedition.

T-Chart for Ice Story.docx chapters 12-15

Vocabulary:  Ice Story Vocabulary

For B8 --Question for all chapters--
Ice Story Reading Guide Complete.docx