Saturday, April 6, 2013

Friday/Monday, April 12/15, 2013

1.  iRead:  Reading your nonfiction book.
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You MUST bring your book on April 18/19!

2. iWriteRight: Subject/Verb Agreement SLAP!!

3.  iReadPoetry:  Today's Poem is  Canción de mayo
? 4. iLearn:  External Text Features: 

Examples of External Text Features

External Text Features:
Make sure you can recognize these. 

Underline or circle or add them on your notes from last time. 

  1. captions
  2. graphs and charts
  3. tables
  4. table of contents
  5. index
  6. glossary
  7. titles
  8. headings
  9. subheadings
  10. bolded words 

5. Picking team names

Shackleton's Crew Who's Who

Who will survive?  Which lifeboats will make it?
To survive: 
Participate appropriately.
Make sure everyone in your lifeboat completes and understands their question sheets and other assignments.
 Wild cards!?

6. iRead and Learn
 Reading Ice Story

5. Vocabulary

Prologue and Chapter 1: 
unrelenting:  Use the second meaning.
ebbed: Use "verb" definition #5

Chapter 2:
frenzied:  Use the second meaning.

violently agitated; frantic; wild: a frenzied mob.

Chapter 3: 
beset: definition #4

A1 to page 8 end of second paragraph
A3 to page 8 end of second paragraph
A4 to page 11, settles like an iron blanket
B7 to page
B8 to page 

last time  
A1 Watched video to 1:22
A2 Watched video to 1:18:34
A3 Watched video to 1:12:53 

B7 Watched video to 1:07:55   
B8 Watch video to 1:08:01  to 

Extra Credit, April 2013