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Monday/Tuesday, April 22/23, 2013

Happy Earth Day!   
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April 23 is Impossible Astronaut Day.  Make tally marks!  You know you wouldn't remember seeing them anyway!!

The Silence

Happy Might-Have-Been-Your-Birthday to William Shakespeare on April 23! 

1. iRead:  Read your nonfiction book and fill out the green worksheet for it.
Make sure you have your own nonfiction book TODAY! or that you have finished reading it and filling out the green page for collecting information for the brochure.

or finish your external text features assignment.
  • Have you finished filling out your green page for collecting information on your nonfiction book to use when creating a brochure next time?  Have that done before you come to class next time.  
  • Bring your book if you still have it.  If you do not still have your book you should be fine if you have properly filled out your green collecting sheet. 
  • You could also collect pictures and other illustrations ahead of time on your flashdrive, or you could have just looked them up so you know where to find them  when you make your brochure in class. 
Here is the worksheet for collecting your information:  Collecting Information for the Basic 8 Book 6 Project.doc

B3/B4 only:  If needed, during reading time finish your assignment, finding 
 external text features in your book/and/or in another. 

  •  Fill out the green external text features sheet using YOUR nonfiction book.
  • If you do not have your own book, select a nonfiction book from the book (brief)case and fill out the worksheet about it for half points.
  • If your book does not have all of the features, go around the room asking other students to share theirs.  Make sure you write the title of the book with each feature you find. 
This must be finished by the end of reading time!  It is an in-class project.  

If you are absent, please see this post for examples of external text features:  External Text Features, Alphabetically and use this document to collect external text features from your book and others: External Text Features in Individual Nonfiction.docx  This is the assignment "worksheet"  to be filled out. 

2. iReadPoetry: What is alliteration? 
As you read and listen to this, consider these questions: 
Who is the intended audience?  What is the purpose? 
What is the central idea?  What is the mood?

Betty's Room

Betty's Room

There is no clutter cluttered up

more closely, I presume,

than the clutter clustered clingingly

in my friend, Betty's room.

Her mother mutters mawkishly

and fills her with such dread.

She mutters on about the muss

that messes Betty's bed.

At bedtime, Betty bounces all

her objects to the floor.

Each morning, when she wakes up, they

go on her bed once more.

There's papers, pencils, potpourri.

It piques her mother's stress.

She pouts. She plies and yet her cries

do not clean Betty's mess.

There's partly broken plastic toys,

each with a missing part,

some worn and withered whistles, which

are close to Betty's heart.

Old ballet shoes she cannot lose,

and photos of her friends,

a burnt-out fuse, some fruity chews,

a box of odds and ends.

Old magazines and school reports

(the ones that got the A's),

her worn out jeans, some socks to sort,

the programs from three plays.

Each object is an artifact,

a personal antique.

She cannot bear to throw them out;

they make her life unique.

There's feathers, fans, and fairy dolls --

and mother-daughter strife.

Her mother lives for neatness, but,

well, mess is Betty's life.

by Denise Rodgers
Copyright© Denise Rodgers
A Little Bit of NonsenseAll Rights Reserved

What is alliteration? 

Suggested poem for further study:  "Ode to Enchanted Light" by Pablo Neruda

3. Read  Ice Story

a. Vocabulary

peninsula: page 45  
an area of land almost completely surrounded by water except for an isthmus connecting it with the mainland.

apprehension:  page 47

anticipation of adversity or misfortune; suspicion or fear of future trouble or evil.

scarcely: page 49

barely; hardly; not quite: The light is so dim we can scarcely see.

presumably: page 51
by assuming reasonably; probably: Since he is a consistent winner, he is presumably a superior player.

b. Read and answer questions
These are the documents we are using as we read this book:

If time: c. Video 
A1 video to 1:23:45 to 1:29:00  ice closing in  to  1:33:59 (4-26-13)
A3 Watched video to 1:18:34 to  1:19:00  to 1:26: 50  Just had Christmas, spotted land, decided not to land there. 
A4 Watched video to 1:12:53  to 1:16:00 
B7 Watched video to 1:07:55    to 1:17:04 to  1:23:00
B8 Watch video to 1:19  to (none today)

Brochure Assignment for Nonfiction

Extra Credit, April 2013