Monday, April 29, 2013

Brochure Assignment -- Late Work

We found the template on Edmodo and students who did not finish on the lab day provided were able to save it on Edmodo.  If you have not handed it in yet, open your Edmodo document (or your thumbdrive or student drive document) and




     Clip to rubric (Write your name on it) and collecting sheet -- the one you filled 

out for today.

     Hand in to wire basket

You must hand in a hard copy, assembled and folded in order to receive your 


Important Points about the Brochure Project: 
-- If you did not finish or if you were absent on the day we were in the lab to do this, you should 
turn this in by Friday, April 26 (if you are back at at school), or as soon as possible after that. 

-- April 24/25 were the only days class time was be provided to complete this assignment.  Because you were to have already collected and written all information (you have had since March 28th to do so), the brochure should be easily completed within one class time. 

-- Revision points will be given only if all parts are 
included and all directions followed. 
-- No late work or revisions will be accepted after May 23.  Do your best to get them done before that. 

Items you can download or view: 
Associated documents:
Here is the worksheet for collecting your information:  Collecting Information for the Basic 8 Book 6 Project.doc

Rubric for Nonfiction Brochure.docx

Brochure Template for Nonfiction Book.docx  (Find this also on Edmodo under the assignment for the brochure.)

This is NOT the template for you to use.  It is a sample for you to look at:  Brochure Sample 1 for Nonfiction Book.docx

A post on this blog:  Brochure Assignment for Nonfiction -- Photos of the Template

Objectives covered from the State Core include these: 
Reading and writing nonfiction (informational) text
Reading and creating external text features
Revising and editing
Synthesizing and presenting information