Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Lie and Lay -- What do I say?

Lie/Lay --  Examples
The Verb "Lay"
Jerry lays the newspaper carefully by the door.   or The carriers lay the newspaper. . . .
Yesterday Jerry laid the newspaper by the door.
Jerry has laid the newspaper by the door everyday for the past year.  He deserves a generous tip.
Jerry will lay the newspaper by the door.
Jerry is laying the newspaper by the door.

The Verb "Lie"
Right now,  Cindy lies on the beach.  or The girls lie on the beach.
Yesterday Cindy lay on the beach for two hours.
Cindy has lain on the beach for at least an hour everyday for the past two weeks.
Cindy will lie on the beach again tomorrow.
Cindy is lying on the beach.  I wonder if she reads books while she's lying there.