Friday, September 28, 2012

October 1/2, 2012 Monday/Tuesday

Happy October

iRead:  Get out your composition book and novel, read for 15 minutes (or more),  and fill out your reading log. 

Introduce Book Assessment for Basic 8, Book #2.   List of Character Traits
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Realistic Fiction -- Contemporary

The Assignment: 

Basic 8, Book #2 Assessment -- Character Cube

See also the tab above for Required Reading.

iWrite:    Another Person in My Family 10-1

Prompt: Describe a member of your family in a paragraph. Concentrate on one main idea from your character web for that person.


If you were absent, pick a different person in your family about whom you have a lot of positive things to say.
Write the person’s name in the middle of your paper. Write in connected bubbles things about that person: description, habits, hobbies, adjectives/describing words and phrases,
Create a web of information about this person.  
Character Web.pptx

You should share ideas with someone else, and brainstorm things to write about. Ask each other questions and write down new details and ideas that you come up with. Have your partner initial one of the new ideas that is a result of your conversation. When you hear the chime, it’s time to return to your seats.

Look at your web and decide on one adjective or characteristic of this person to write about.
Use a green colored pencil to write down the name of a positive characteristic of this person. Use color pencil to circle anything on your web that relates to that characteristic.

Copy this into your notebook:
Basic Paragraph Rubric

Basic Paragraph Rubric
Not even close
Not enough
5+ sentences


Begin on new line

Maybe, but not clear
Topic sentence

Not much information
Not enough

Maybe, but not clear
Concluding sentence

Some wandering
On topic

iWriteRight: Commonly Confused Words  a lot and allot  
a lot allot posters.pptx

My Favorite ALOT

Listen to/Follow along with The Outsiders
A1 --   page 51"Johnny, I'm scared."  (p 45 Track 1 -- 10:49) (Did not read on Sept. 27) to page  -- Did not read October 1, 2012.
A3 --   page 53/Chapter 4 (12:56 on p 45 Track 1) to top of page 56 (pg. 45 track 1 -- 17:27)
A4 --   page 53 -- 13:05 to page (Did not read.)
B7 --   page 43 (Chaper 3, 10:49)  to top of page 45 (14:12).
B8  --  page 57 (p 45 Track 1, 20:21) to top of page 64 (Outsiders We crouched. . . 3:29).