Wednesday, September 19, 2012

September 21/24, 2012 Friday/Monday

  • Hand in your Book Reports if you have hard copies to hand in.
  •  Monday, September 24 is Minimal Day, so class periods will be 60 minutes long, and you will get out at 12:55.  
  • Don't forget to take your online tests by Friday.  


1. iRead:  Read and fill out your reading log. 
      On the 24th, we will not have reading time.  
       Prepare to go directly into Computer Lab 201.

2. iShow-What-I-Know: 
 Computer Lab  Sit in your assigned seat in computer lab. 
 Friday: Lab 211   Monday:  Lab 201
Now: Take out your planner and list what you need to do today.
Priority #1: During this class period: Take the district writing test if you haven't.
Priority #2: During this class period: Finish the SRI (reading) test if you haven't.  Notes about the SRI:  SRI and Lexile Levels
Priority #3: During this class period:  Take the online tests on Skyward -- Log into Skyward, look for "Current Assignments"
   click, look for English 7, click on the blue link to "Answer Questions."  Carefully read the directions!   Make sure you complete all pages before you click on the Complete button.
  • Text Evidence
  • Summarizing
  • Fact vs. Opinion
  • Conventions
* If you do not finish the tests on Skyward today, finish them at home or during cave time. 
If you have finished all of the above, and still have time, you may do any of these: 
  • Write your Basic 8, Book #1 Report, if you haven't.
  •     If you have, and it is graded, make corrections and addition to it, if needed. 
  • Finish the iWrite about a character from The Outsiders.
  • Make up any missing composition book points.
  • Finish your commonly confused words poster, if needed. 
  • If you still have extra time, read your realistic fiction book.

Do you know how to use its and it's correctly?