Tuesday, September 11, 2012

September 13/14, 2012

September 13/14, 2012
B7: Check the seating chart. There are a few changes.
You mean the book report is due ALREADY?!!!
Reminders:  Your Basic 8 Book #1 should be read and reported on by September 18 -- next Tuesday. 

1.  iRead and fill out reading log.

 2. Composition Book Check
   Use the check-list provided and you will check another student's work, not your own.
Sample Grades:

0= nothing written, or just the heading written

1=heading written and one or two sentences

3=heading plus three or four sentences

5=correct heading plus at least seven thoughtful sentences

*Remember:  You aren't checking for spelling or other conventions for the points.   You just need to be able to read it.  

Composition Book Make-Up

3.  iWrite -- Family   September 13/14, 2012
What does “family” mean to you? Are there people in your life that you’re not related to that you consider family? Describe why or why not. 

4.  iWriteRight -- Let's play Sparkle!

4.  iLearn -- 
  •      How do we learn about a character? By what they say!
  •      Also keep track of setting in The Outsiders.
If you are absent, catch up on this reading during Cavetime or after school, or on your own if you have or can borrow a copy of the book.

            A1 --  Chapter 2, page 23 (7:38)  to   pg. 26    (13:55)
             A3 --   Chapter 2, page 23  6th paragraph (7:00)  to page 24 5th paragraph (Review what characters said.)
             A4 --   Chapter 2, page  22, top (4:36)  to  11: 56  top of page 26
             B7 --    Chapter 2, beginning  to page 25  -- 11:57
             B8  --   Chapter 2, page 23, top of page  (6:33) to top of page 30 (19:58)

Your book report is due next Tuesday, September 18. 

Composition Book Check (September 13/14)
Writing Prompts : [and one chart and a list]

     You should also have responses to  iWriteRight, but they won’t receive points this time.
  1. ______/5  A Time I Felt like an Outsider.
  2. ______/5 Good Morning – My Actual and Ideal Mornings
  3. ______/5 My Best Friend, Described
  4. ______/5 I Pet I’ve Had or Wish I’d Had
  5. ______/5 Socioeconomic Gap 
  6.  ______/5 [List of Reasons to Capitalize]
  7.  ______/5 [Chart for Characters from The Outsiders]
  8. ______/5 Getting Along
  9.  ______/5 Setting Matters/ A favorite place
  10. ______/5 Mark one of your journal entries as the one you’d like us to read and respond to. 
  11. Composition Book Make-Up