Wednesday, September 19, 2012

September 19/20, 2012 Wednesday/Thursday

September 19/20, 2012

September 19 is Talk Like A Pirate Day    Pirate Talk

Parent Teacher Conference will be on 

Thursday, September 20 from 3:30 - 7:30. 
  • Parent-Teacher Conference is not required, but can be very helpful.
  • Teachers will be in their classrooms. 
  • If you can't make it, or would like more time to talk than is available during Parent-Teacher Conference,  please make an appointment with the teacher or email concerns.  
  • Please use Skyward to check your student's grades, what he or she may be missing, and descriptions of those assignments  -- before you come to Parent-Teacher Conference. 
  • Students are encouraged to come along.  
Basic 8, Book #1 report due September 18.  If you haven't turned it in yet, get it in as soon as you can -- on Edmodo or as a neat hard copy. 

If you need to make up points for the composition book check (iWrites), see this post or pick up a handout from the box at the back of the room:    
Composition Book Make-Up

Vote for Seventh Grade Officers today!

Writer's Club meets during cavetime on Fridays in a room in the Media Center -- Walk in and turn left and left again. 

1. iRead  and fill out reading log

2.  Making Appointments  
  1.  On the very LAST page of your composition book, draw a big clock face with just the numbers -- no hands.   It should fill  a whole page.
  2. Move around the classroom to make "appointments" with other students. 
    • Find one other student and pick a time on the clock face.  
    • Near that number on the clock face, you will write your name on his or her clock and he or she will write his or her name on your clock. 
    • Move on to another student and do the same thing with him or her.   
    • Keep making appointments until all numbers have been used.   For each number on the clock you will have an "appointment"  with  one other student.

3.  Listen to/Follow along with The Outsiders
A1 --     beginning of chapter 3 to page 46, paragraph 6 (2:10)
A3 --     (22:17)  page 31 page break to page 36 (to chapter 3)
A4 --    (18:05) page 29 3rd paragraph down to chapter 3 page 40 at top, (4:49)
B7 --    page 32 top (chapter 2, 23:24) to beginning of chapter 3
B8  --   top of page 41 (6:44) ? 

4+.  We will take some breaks from the reading.  (Not brakes

iLearn:  Realistic Fiction  Your next Basic 8 Book is a Realistic Fiction book.
      Why is The Outsiders realistic fiction?  
       What is Realistic Fiction?   
You will take notes as Ms. Bills helps you understand and find examples for Realistic Fiction. 

Realistic Fiction -- Contemporary

iWriteRight:  Brake or Break? (after page 45  in The Outsiders)  With your partner (from your ___ o'clock appointment), in your composition book write one or two sentences about something that has happened so far in The Outsiders, correctly using the words brake and break

A1- 9/19 not
A3 - 9/19 not
A4 - 9/19 not
B7 - 9/19  not
B8 - 9/19  

iWrite:  Talk and Write  (after page   in The Outsiders)

  Ways to know a Character:  With your new partner (your  ___ o'clock partner), pick one of the characters, decide on two or three things the character  does  and what you learn about that character from those things.  

 In your composition book, label  

 iWrite: "What a Character Does"  9/19/12
  Write about what you have learned about   one of the characters from 
     what he or she does.  This is what you've talked with your partner about.

Something like: 
When ___________  (tell what he or she did),   I decided that he/she must be ______________ because __________________

Then when he/she (tell what he or she did),  I could tell  that he/she must be ______________ because __________________

A1- 9/19  done
A3 - 9/19  talked and took down notes
A4 - 9/19 done
B7 - 9/19  not
B8 - 9/19 

iLearn about Setting:   With a new partner (your  ___ o'clock partner) add to your list of settings any new places the characters have gone. 

A1- 9/19 not
A3 - 9/19 not
A4 - 9/19 not
B7 - 9/19  not
B8 - 9/19  

If you are absent, 
  • Catch up on this reading during Cavetime or after school, or on your own if you have or can borrow a copy of the book. 
  • Complete the iWrite and iWriteRight activities on your own.