Sunday, September 16, 2012

About Time Setting

Rachel N.  asked a great question on Emodo:
"On our book report if it doesn't say the time period should we just estimate??" 

Here's my answer:
      I like your idea of estimating if the book doesn't specifically say.
      There are usually clues to at least a general time.  For instance, if the characters live in the real world, and they have cars and computers and cell phones, it is probably contemporary --  our current time or close to it.   If they have cars, but have to crank them to start, and there are more horses and wagons on the road than cars, you could guess that the book took place early in the history of automobiles. 
      If the book is fantasy and they don't have any of those things, but there are knights and castles it is probably medieval.
      If it is a society with technology that we don't have yet, or is a society that has been built after most societies and people in the world have been destroyed, it is probably in the future. 
      Then, there are more specific times.  Some books take place all in one season such as winter or summer or will center around a holiday or during the school year or during a vacation. 
      Making your best guess based on clues in the book is a great way to handle this!