Monday, September 17, 2012

Composition Book Make-Up

Composition Book Make-Up  Q1 #1
September Composition Book Check

  • Select as many of these as you need and write at least ½ page for each.
  • Your writing needs to be legible and on topic. 
  • If you follow these directions, you’ll receive five points each to make up for the points you missed on the composition book check. 
  • Notice that your points on Skyward are weighted as half those required, so if you are missing 5 points on the grade, you’ll  need 10 to make it up.

The question is there to get you thinking.  The prompt is actually in the second sentence.

  1. Do you watch or look away?  Write about a time when you had to get a shot?

  1. What stopped you?  Write about a time when you wanted to get home, but couldn’t.

  1. What's your 'one hit wonder'?  Write about one time you did something so well that you doubt you'll ever be able to repeat the feat.

  1. Then why would you eat with them?  Write about someone who is/was a very unpleasant eater."

  1. What's the bravest OR stupidest thing you ever did?  Write about it.

  1. Did the experience help you decide that this place was one of your 'favorites' or did it change your mind?  Write about something once experienced while visiting a favorite town or city.

  1. "Hello?  Aloe?Write about a time you got a pretty bad sunburn.
8. How disappointed were you?  Write about a time when you tried really hard but still didn't get what you wanted.

  1. "Was there no one else to play with?" Write about the meanest or strangest kid you ever met.

  1.  When did it all suddenly make sense?  Write about a time you realized something big.