Friday, September 14, 2012

September 17/18, 2012 Monday/Tuesday

September 17/18, 2012 Monday/Tuesday 

September 17: Happy Constitution Day!

 September 18, 2012 
Happy Day After Constitution Day! 

Announcements: Parent Teacher Conference will be on 
Thursday, September 20 from 3:30 - 7:30. 

Basic 8, Book #1 report due September 18.

If you need to make up points for the composition book check (iWrites), see this post or pick up a handout:    

1. iRead  and fill out reading log

Don't forget to record what you learn from your book about a character  -- from what that character says.  

2.  iWrite   Pet Peeves  -- September 17/18, 2012 
What drives you crazy? Is there something that a friend, relative, or classmate (or someone else) does that really aggravates you? What is it? Why do you think it bugs you so much?

Pair Share  1 minute/1 minute 

Here's a "Pet Peeve" from an expert on words:  
Brian P. Cleary
"Pet Peeve # 379: “I COULD care less.” So, does this mean that you care to some degree? You must, if you could actually care less than you do. If you don’t care at all, you should say, “I COULDN’T care less.”"

3. iWriteRight:   Commonly Confused Words

Bored? Board?

Did you write right when you wrote your Basic 8 Book #1 Report? 


4.  iLearn -- 
  •      How do we learn about a character? By what they say!
  •      Also keep track of setting in The Outsiders.
If you are absent, catch up on this reading during Cavetime or after school, or on your own if you have or can borrow a copy of the book.

A1 --     pg. 26    (13:55) to  beginning of chapter 3
A3 --     page 24 5th paragraph (Review what characters said.) (8:36)  to  (22:17)  page 31 page break
A4 --    (11: 56 ) top of page 26   to (18:05) page 29 3rd paragraph down
B7 --    page 25  --  top (10:17) to page 32 top (chapter 2, 23:24)
B8  --   top of page 30 (19:58)

Your book report is due by Tuesday, September 18.