Saturday, February 18, 2012

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Self-Starter:  Micro-Fieldtrip --- Museum Walk for Ice Story.
Pictures for Museum Walk -- If you were absent.  You can also find the handout there.
After the museum walk, students found some of the same pictures in the nonfiction book Ice Story.  Photographs are one type of external text feature that is added to books and articles to help the reader understand.

2.  See your corrected January-February book assessment and essay. 
In your composition book,  create an individual list of conventions that are problems for you.

3.  Apostrophes--   Today we reviewed and students took notes and received guides for deciding whether to use an apostrophe.  We will have the apostrophe test on Friday.

Today.  Print the "Student Notes"  handout , and use the "Overheads" document to fill in the blanks:
Student notes on Possessives.doc

Overheads for Possessives(1).doc 

Other information about apostrophes:

Noticing Sentences and Apostrophes

Using Apostrophes to Show Possession

 A Game for Contractions: 

and another:

Possessives or Not?  and Soccer:

Go to   and look for the activities and instructions for apostrophes


Important samples:

a.  Do you have a month's supply of pencils?   Notice that the "supply" belongs to the "month" and that because it is just one month, you just add an "'s" to the word "month."

b.  Ms. Dorsey just assigned  us four months' worth of homework.  There's no way we can get it done before school gets out.    The amount of homework belongs to four months.  Because months is already plural with an "s" at the end, you just add an apostrophe to the end.


c.  In '89 when the big Northern California earthquake struck, I was living in San Jose.  


Vocabulary/Spelling #12             Test on  Friday, February 24
 Suffix to study:   -less which means without (It creates adjectives.)
1.      hopeless
2.      useless
3.      careless
4.      fearless
5.      worthless
(Teams, snow)