Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sample Answers for Jan-Feb Book Assessment

Conflict from Allyson C.
     One of the major conflicts in the book was Man vs. Nature.  On the Campbell family's journey to Oregon they have to face many things such as weather, hemlock, rivers, and many more things.  Some days are so hot that they start to get blisters and dry skin.  They come across hemlock which is a poison.  Some of the kids eat it without knowing that it is poison and die.  The rivers they had to cross were big and some people died trying to cross them. Hattie has a huge fear of rivers.  They had to cross many and were all soaked after crossing them.  It usually took two days at the least to get everybody across.  . . .

Theme from Allyson C.
    One of the major themes in this book is, "Good things will happen to you if you wait."  Hattie and her family are on the trail for a long time and many sad things happen to them.  They are tired, it is hot, many people have died, and they just want to get to Oregon.  They know that it will take some time until they get there.  It is a six month journey.  When they got to Oregon it was beautiful, moist, and so much better than their home in Booneville, Missouri. They were able to build a home and they were much happier.  Hattie even got to live next to her friend Pepper like they always wanted.  The trail was long but the Campbell family knew in the end that it was definitely worth it.