Monday, February 13, 2012

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

1. Finish video of Words By Heart.

Reminder: Test next time  (Friday, January 17)  spelling test on "mis-" words.  
Come prepared on Friday to share what you learned about the real history behind your historical fiction book.

Type or finish typing the essay about the facts behind the fiction for your historical fiction book.
Research and Essay for Historical Fiction:    -- Due February 15. 
We will be in Lab 201 on Wednesday to FINISH the essays.  You should have your research done and be near to finishing when you come on Wednesday.  Bring your essay on a flash drive or have it saved on your student drive.

Print 2 copies of your essay -- one for grading and one to share in class on Friday.

Book of the Month Essay for Historical Fiction.docx

Historical Fiction Essay Research.docx 
If you use SIRS Discoverer,  cite the article you found on it, not just SIRS Discoverer.

Rubric for Historical Fiction Essay.docx

The essay will be graded based on your writing a complete essay, presenting your research on the background of your novel, using informal citation, and using seventh-grade-appropriate conventions.  

Sample for Historical Fiction Essay 

For Riley C:


The Help


Garrett and others who read The Light in the Forest


 Watch Video of Words By Heart  All classes finished watching it.

A1 From where  Lena has found her father at Hawk's Hill, and he's telling her about what happened.

A2 From where Claudie is telling about the "white hats"

A3 From  "before Mr. Starnes come, do you want to say goodbye?"

A4 From  where Lena had just taken Tater home.