Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Core Test: What Will Be On It This Year -- Probably

apostrophes to show possession
asking questions
audience, thinking about your audience when you write
capitalization –
character in narrative –- making conclusions from what he says, does, feels, and what the author and other characters say about him or her
climax in narrative
combining sentences
commas in a series
commonly confused words  (including the irregular verbs lie and lay)
context-- determining what a word means by noticing definition or a synonym
descriptive imagery
detail in narrative
detail in nonfiction
detail in poetry
details in other texts
end punctuation
external text features
fact vs. opinion
main idea
metaphor and simile and personification
mood/feeling in poetry
omitting unrelated or unneeded sentences
opinion in nonfiction
prefixes and suffixes
purpose, determining the purpose of a piece of text
reading a chart in nonfiction
resource – reliability
resources – fact vs. opinion
subject/verb agreement