Monday, February 13, 2012

Friday, February 17, 2012

Self-Starter:  Prepare for the book share by making sure you know what year or years your book took place in.

Book Share --   (If you were absent, pick up a chart to fill in.  Look up ten historical fiction books and their time periods.  Fill in the chart for those ten books and create a time line with those books)

Create a time line with your book and the books others students shared with you.
You time line will include dates, book titles, and the subject or era of the book.


    about                              1840                    1910                   1914-1918                 1990's
100 A.D.
The Bronze Bow                 Lyddie                Words                   All Quiet on                     The
Jews vs. Romans            Textile Factory     By Heart           the Western Front          Breadwinner
                                         workers              Segregation           World War I                War and
                                                                                                  German Soldier             Taliban
                                                                                                                                     in Afghanistan


Come prepared  to share what you learned about the real history behind your historical fiction book. On Wednesday you will print two copies of your essay -- one for grading and one to share in class  today.

2. Spelling test on "mis-" words.   

3. New spelling words: Periods 1 and 2 need to pick up this list.

Vocabulary/Spelling #12             Test on  Friday, February 24
 Suffix to study:   -less which means without (It creates adjectives.)
1.      hopeless
2.      useless
3.      careless
4.      fearless
5.      worthless