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Self-Starter:  More about apostrophes.

External Text Features
Time before last we looked at some external text features -- in windows and in the book -- photographs.
Last time, you used external text features, a photograph, other illustrations, and text boxes to prepare to read "Survive the Savage Sea."
Today you're going to learn more about why and how to use external text features,  They're handy, helpful things!

Ice Story -- Nonfiction

Start signing up for your nonfiction book.  A non-fiction book is true.  The subject of non-fiction is real.  A nonfiction book could be a biography, an autobiography, or it could be about some other true subject.  The story of the subject is not fictionalized.  However, we call some of the best nonfiction books "literary nonfiction."  Literary nonfiction is told as a story and is told in a very interesting way with high-quality writing.   Ice Story is "literary nonfiction."

For this project, select a book about a single subject.  Don't try to use an encyclopedia-type book that covers many different subjects. 

You could use one book that is over 100 pages, or shorter books on the same subject that total over 100 pages. 

Originally published February 19, 2012
A2 did not do the creating external text features exercise -- teen driving. 
A 3 and A4 went over  the test.
and A3 started reading Ice Story -- the Prologue