Saturday, February 18, 2012

Friday, February 24, 2012

Self-Starter: Pick up and work on packet to prepare for reading  passages from the book "Survive the Savage Sea."  (external text features and nonfiction)  You'll find this assignment in our green literature book.  You will listen to/read along with story and finish filling out the packet by the end of class.
In case you are absent, here is the packet.  
Survive the Savage Sea Reading Map Jan 2012.doc
You could get started filling it out, then complete the parts that require the literature textbook when you come back.
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2. Spelling Test on -less

3. Apostrophe Test  (You may use the pink sheet from last time as you take the test.)  If you didn't do well on the apostrophe test, see this links and the links on it:   Help with Apostrophes

4. Listen to and follow along with the nonfiction story "Survive the Savage Sea" taking notes in your packet.  If you were absent, make up the packet and reading during Cave Time.

Vocabulary/Spelling #12             Test on  Friday, February 24
 Suffix to study:   -less which means without (It creates adjectives.)
1.      hopeless
2.      useless
3.      careless
4.      fearless
5.      worthless 
Our Next Spelling Test: 
Vocabulary/Spelling #13       Test on March 1
Prefix to study:   post- which means after

1.      postgraduate
2.      postpone  -- extra credit:  "pone" means "to place", so postpone means "to place after."
3.      postwar
4.      postscript  -- extra credit: "Script" comes from a word part meaning "to write,"   so, postscript means "to write after."