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1. Self-Starter: In your composition book, under "Quick-Writes and Notes," write a half page or more about your own experience with the topic or opinion found in ONE (only one) of these quotations or themes from Words By HeartSelf-Starter Journal Themes.docx

a.  Topic: Loss    
Theme: “Something always comes to fill the empty places.  Something comes to take the place of what you lose.” --Papa,  page 30
b.  Topic: Forgiveness    
Theme: It is better to be understanding and forgiving of others than it is to blame and to seek revenge.  

c. Topic: Forgiveness

Theme: Forgiving is not an easy thing to do.


d.  Topic: Self-Worth  

"Rewards don't prove you're somebody.  You need to know that within yourself." -- Papa in Words By Heart



 2. Mini-Lesson on  Theme and watching for  themes in the video of Words By Heart. 

theme worksheet.docx

For next time:  You should have finished reading your book by February 9th, and should have taken notes on character, conflict, and theme. 
Bring your book or the information about your book (title, author, number of pages) and bring your notes on character, conflict, and theme in your book.  
 We will take the Book-of-the-Month Assessment on February 9.
Notes and Links for THEME

The Theme or Message:
What  does this book teach about how life could or should be lived?
--- about what is of value in life?

Links about theme:

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