Friday, January 13, 2012

Informal Citation 2012

Reliable Sources
 Something interesting to know: 
What about bias?  This article gives information about the bias found on various news sources.

What do you mean by an "informal citation"? 
    You use an informal citation when you tell right in the same sentence with the fact where you got that fact.   


I learned on a web site for the Buxton Historic Museum that the community of Elgin (Buxton) was founded in 1849, and that there are still descendants of those original settlers living there now.

The red part above is the "informal citation."
Here's a works cited entry to go with it (though with your 2012 assignment, you don't need to prepare a works cited list):

Gardner, Lori. "BUXTON WEB EXHIBITS." BUXTON HISTORIC MUSEUM. Buxton National Historic Site and Museum, Nov. 2009. Web. 23 Nov. 2009.

Another Example:  
According to Ms. Dorsey on our class blog, you should link each fact you use on your project to an entry in your works cited list. 

Works Cited entry :   With your 2012 assignment, you don't need to prepare a works cited list.
Dorsey, Claudia E. Web log comment. Caveman English. Claudia E. Dorsey, 23 Nov. 2009. Web. 23     Nov. 2009.

You should use informal citation for each fact you find for sources other than your novel. 

Utah State Core 7th Grade Language Arts, Standard 3, Objective 2d.  Use informal contextual citation. (Example: “Gary Paulsen says he gets his ideas

According to the Mantor Library Information Literacy Program,
"Informal citation gives credit to the author or creator by reference. With informal citation, you
identify the source of the information, but do not provide a full citation. It should be used for
visual presentations (Power Point or poster presentations) or oral reports as a way to give credit
to the sources of the information you use without being too cumbersome or disrupting the flow of
your presentation. An example of citing informally is use of a signal phrase that precedes factual
information, such as: “According to the U.S. State Department,...” Informal citation can also be a
reference to the author or creator and a particular date or event to more clearly pinpoint the
source of the information, such as: “At the 2000 Symposium for Plant Biotechnology, Swiss
biologist Florianne Koechlin stated…”"     (

Begin with INFORMAL Signal Phrases:
  • cite source within a sentence
  • add quotations to quotes
  • paraphrase requires citation too
  • best practice for conversation skills
  • if helpful, introduce source’s occupation or background

Examples of informal citation and signal phrases:
Fitness guru Roberta Green says, “Eat lots of broccoli!”

On the Weather Channel, global warming is taken seriously.

President Bush believes the war in Iraq is winnable.

“Go home!” Manuel screamed to the neighbor’s mutt.

According to acclaimed teacher therapist Dr. Feelgood...
The New York Times reports......
a White House spokesperson shared in late 2010 ...
. . . appeared in The New England Journal of Medicine in May 2010
. . . explains the author about her work  

According to. . . . , the sponsor of . . . .website, . . . .
The website. . . .  .(give the name of the site) reports that. . . .
Molly Billings, on the website "Human Virology at Stanford,"  explains that. . . .