Saturday, January 28, 2012


Vocabulary/Spelling #9              Test on  February 3
Prefix to study:   im- which means not
  1. impossible
  2. improbable  F.Y.I. According to the Random House Dictionary,  the origin of probable is
    1350–1400; Middle English  < Latin probābilis  likely, literally, capable of standing a test, equivalent to probā ( re ) to test ( see probe
    ) + -bilis -ble
  3. imperfect
  4. immobile  F.Y.I. If you are mobile, you can move.  A related word is automobile.  "Auto" means "self," and "mobile' means "capable of being moved," so an automobile can move itself.
immobile -- The child is immobile because he has been in an accident and will be moved to the hospital.


    improbable -- It probably wouldn't happen.

    impossible -- This could not be built.