Thursday, January 12, 2012

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

  1. Spelling test on -er, -or, and receive list for next test.
  2. Writing Complete Sentences
  3. Reading The Giver and filling out the reading guide/road map. 

Here is the new spelling assignment:
Vocabulary/Spelling #7              Test on January20 
Prefix to study:   il- which means not

1.      illegal
2.      illiterate
3.      illegible
4.      illogical
1.     illegal     -- leg = law   So, illegal means not conforming to  the law  

2.     illiterate   --  literatus,  literally mean. "furnished with letters."  So, if you are illiterate, you are NOT furnished with letters.
3.     illegible -- leg ( ere ) to read + -ibilis   -ible = capable of.  So, illegible means NOT capable of being read.
4.      illogical --  log = word, speech, thought, reason   So, illogical means NOT conforming to reason. 
conform = to fit together                                           Learn the underlined definitions for extra credit.

Here is the tape-in for Writing Complete Sentences:

Writing Complete Sentences

Use the Write Source book and the purple Writing and Grammar book to complete this assignment.

In your composition book under “Editing,”  label the page  “Writing Complete Sentences.” 

Then do each numbered  step below for each of the following:
A.   Sentence  Fragment -- page 86 in Write Source, page 469 in Writing and Grammar.
B.   Comma Splice -- page 86 in Write Source, page 473 on in Writing and Grammar.  They call it a type of run-on.
C.    Run-on -- page 87 in Write Source, page 473 on in Writing and Grammar. 

If you are doing this at home because your were absent, you could look up definitions and examples online. 

For each of the sentence problems above, you will
1)   Label each with the type of sentence problem.
2)   Write a definition (taken from one of the books).
3)   Copy an example from the textbook and its corrections.
4)   Copy one of your sentence fragments that you found in your book-of-the-month assessment, and show corrections for it.   If you don’t have one, find someone else in the class that does.  If you can’t find anyone who does, ask Ms. Dorsey.