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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

1. Self-Starter  
A. Take E-Reader Survey.

B. In your composition book, under "Editing," combine each set of  sentences into one sentence using commas in a series:
(If you are absent, and want to do this at home, do it on a half-sheet of paper and later tape it into your composition book.)

Set #1: 
  1. The fox coughed.
  2. The fox gagged.
  3. The fox sneezed.
  4. The Stinky Cheese Man flew off his back and into the river, where he fell apart.
(from Jon Scieszka, "The Stinky Cheese Man")
Set #2: 

I have  hair the color of carrots in an apricot glaze.
I have skin fair and clear where it isn't freckled.
I have eyes like summer storms.
(from -- Polly Horvath, Everything on a Waffle -- 2004)

Combining Sentences Using Commas in a Series


Example: Her cleats were in her backpack.

Her shin pads were in her backpack.
Her sweats were in her backpack.
Her backpack was slung over her shoulder and heavy with homework.

The above sentences could be combined to become this sentence:
Her cleats, shin pads, and sweats were in her backpack which was heavy with homework and slung over her shoulder.

To practice more with commas in a series, see this post: Commas in a Series

More on apostrophes for those who got less than 20/25.   
Apostrophes 1 and  Apostrophes 2   for those who got under 20 on the test.

2.  Words By Heart 

Words By Heart Student Notes 2012.docx

A1   page 13, halfway down
  to top of page 23
A2   page 21, halfway down
  to  top of page 36
A3  the beginning of chapter 2, page 10
A4  page 7, right after  "burdened by something" 

Book of the Month Assessment Documents

Taking notes while reading:
Historical Fiction Assess Literary Elements. A(1).docx


BoM Questions for Jan Feb.doc


My January February Book-of-the-Month Assessment.doc 


Grading for Jan-Feb Book of the Month.doc

Essay Assignment 
We will hopefully have the computer lab   on February  3rd  and 15th, on the third to do some research and on the fifteenth to finish up your essay if needed. 
Create it as a word document.  You may hand it in prior to February 15th.  

Historical Fiction Essay Research.docx

Book of the Month Essay for Historical Fiction.docx

This will be graded based on your writing a complete essay, presenting your research on the background of your novel, using informal citation, and using seventh-grade-appropriate conventions.