Saturday, January 14, 2012

Third Term Requirements

Historical Fiction Unit -- What you need to know and show that you know

o   Together we will read the historical fiction novel Words By Heart.
o   You will select another historical fiction novel to read.  Pick one from a time period you would like to learn more about because you will be doing research on that subject and writing an essay to present what you learned.  You will also be watching in your novel for character, conflict, and theme.  Historical Fiction

Apostrophes – how to use them to show possession and contraction

Capitalization – how to capitalize for the beginnings of sentences and proper nouns  (This is a review of earlier in the year.)

Character -how the author shows you what the character is like

Commas in a series – using commas when you have a series of ideas

Commonly Confused Words – continue to use them correctly

Conflict – what conflict is and types of conflict in literature

Context clues – how to figure out what a word or phrase means by using the words around it

Figurative language – recognizing simile, metaphor, and personification   Chart for Examples and Non-Examples of Simile and Metaphor     Figurative Language

Inquiry – asking and answering questions – doing research and presenting what you found out

Poetry – knowing how to read poetry and recognizing main idea (theme) and mood in poetry Poems for Words By Heart

More Prefixes and Suffixes and spelling words using them

Subject-Verb Agreement   Subject-Verb Agreement 

Theme  -- How to recognize a theme

Words – choosing the best words for your purpose (and using the dictionary and thesaurus)

Writing an Essay – about your subject for historical fiction – using an introduction with a thesis (topic sentence), supporting paragraphs, and a conclusion. 

Other writing such as writing a narrative (truth or fiction)

Taking a test – successful testing – hints and helps