Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Friday, February 3, 2012

Self-Starter:  All students who did not get full points on the quiz should complete the apostrophes practice: Apostrophes 3.   Those who did may read quietly.

Noticing Sentences and Apostrophes

2. Spelling Test on im- words.

Vocabulary/Spelling #9              Test on  February 3
Prefix to study:   im- which means not     
                                   For extra credit, what part of speech are all of these words?
  1. impossible
  2. improbable
  3. imperfect
  4. immobile 

3. New Spelling words: Receive the handout for un- and -ist words.

If you wish, you can see this post for an extra credit opportunity:  un- and -ist extra credit

Vocabulary/Spelling #10 and #19   -- Test on February 9 

Vocabulary/Spelling #10              

Suffix to study:   -ist which means one who (nouns)

  1. artist
  2. physicist
  3. chemist

Vocabulary/Spelling #19           
 Prefix to study:   un-  which means   not   (adjectives)
1.      unable
2.      unfit
3.      unequal
4.      unearned
5.      undone

4. Read more of Words By Heart.
Words By Heart Student Notes 2012.docx

top of page 23             Video to end of spelling bee about 8 minutes in. 
top of page 36             Video to  end of spelling bee about 8 minutes in. 
A3    page 10 to page  25 ?   Video to  end of spelling bee about 8 minutes in. 
A4    page 7, right after  "burdened by something"  to page 20   Video to end of spelling bee about 8 minutes in.  

Your book assessment is on February 9.
Your essay is due by or on February 15.

5. Computer lab  (Lab 201, second half) to do research on the nonfiction background of your book:
Historical Fiction Essay Research.docx

Historical Fiction Books and Topics
 Sample for Historical Fiction Essay
Rubric for Historical Fiction Essay.docx

Students who have finished their research could work on their MyAccess narrative story or essay.