Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Historical Fiction Books and Topics

Here are many of the books that 
students  have chosen in previous years:
  1. All Quiet on the Western Front:  World War I, trench warfare
  2. A Long Way from Chicago:  Great Depression, 1930's, Illinois
  3. A Thousand Never Evers: South during the Civil Rights Movement, 1963
  4. Across Five Aprils:  Civil War, Southern Illinois
  5. Adventures of Tom Sawyer:   Mississippi River town in the early 19th century
  6. All Capone Does My Shirts: Alcatraz, Great Depression, Al Capone, autism
  7. Assassin: John Wilkes Booth, Abraham Lincoln, Civil War, Reconstruction
  8. Black Storm Comin':  Pony Express, racial tensions, wagon trains, Civil War
  9. Book of the Lion: Crusades, King Richard
  10. Book Thief, The :  World War II, Holocaust, Dachau
  11. Boy in the Striped Pajamas:  World War II, Concentration Camps, Holocaust, Auschwitz
  12. Caged Eagles:  Canada, World War II, Pearl Harbor, Japanese Internment
  13. Chains: slavery, Revolutionary War
  14. Charley Skedaddle:  Civil War
  15. Charlotte's Rose: Mormon handcart pioneers
  16. Crossing the Wire:  illegal aliens, border between U.S. and Mexico
  17. Deadly:  Typhoid Mary
  18. Devil’s Arithmetic, The:  Holocaust, World War II
  19. Devil's Paintbox:  1865, drought, Kansas, Seattle lumber camps, Oregon Trail, smallpox
  20. Doomed Queen Anne:  Anne Boleyn, King Henry VIII, England
  21. Elijah of Buxton:  slavery, Buxton, Canada,  slave catchers
  22. Emil and Karl:  Holocaust, Vienna, World War II
  23. Fever, 1793: yellow fever, Philadelphia, epidemic
  24. Forge: Valley Forge, runaway slaves, Revolutionary War 
  25. Friedrich:  1830's, Germany, Hitler, Jewish
  26. Help, The;  Civil Rights, Medgar Evers   The Help
  27. Hero’s Don’t Run:  World War II, Pacific Theatre
  28. Honus and Me: Honus Wagner, baseball, baseball cards, 1909 World Series
  29. Jimmy Spoon: Old West, Shoshoni Indians, Chief Washakie
  30. Journal of Ben Uchida:  Japanese-Americans, internment camps, World War II, Pearl Harbor http://www.scholastic.com/teachers/lesson-plan/journal-ben-uchida-discussion-guide http://www.historyonthenet.com/WW2/japan_internment_camps.htm
  31. Light in the Forest:  Pennsylvanian Colony, Lenni Lenape tribe, territorial wars
  32. Little House on the Prairie: The First Four Years:  South Dakota prairie, pioneers, 1880's
  33. Lunch Box Dream:  The Civil Rights Movement
  34. Matilda Bone: medieval English village, medicine in the Middle Ages,  leech, barber-surgeon, apothecary, bonesetter
  35. Midwife's Apprentice:  Middle Ages (Medieval), midwifery, medicine in the Middle Ages
  36. Moon Over Manifest: World War I, Great Depression, Ku Klux Klan, immigrants, coal mining
  37. Most Beautiful Place in the World, The:  Guatemala, poverty
  38. My Brother Sam is Dead:  Revolutionary War
  39. Nightjohn:  slavery, 1850’s U.S. South,  Civil War
  40. Numbering All the Bones:  Civil War, slavery, Prisoner of War,  Andersonville Prison, Clara Barton
  41. Number the Stars:  Holocaust , World War II, Resistance
  42. Once by Morris Gleitzman: Poland, World War II 
  43. Out of the Dust:  Great Depression, Dust Bowl 
  44. Rifles for Watie: Civil War, Cherokee Indian rebels
  45. Rilla of Ingleside:  World War I, Canada, Red Cross
  46. River Between Us, The:  beginning of Civil War, 1916, 1861, Camp Defiance, slavery
  47. Rumors of War: World War II
  48. Run Away Home: 1886, Apache Indians,Geronimo, reservations, African Americans
  49. Sacagawea: Girl of the Shining Mountains:
  50. Secret Life of Bees, The:  South Carolina, 1964, racism,
  51. Shades of Gray: Civil War, Reconstruction
  52. Shakeress, The: Shakers, religious movements in the 1820s and '30s, orphans
  53. Shakespeare Stealer,  Shakespeare’s Scribe, Shakespeare’s Spy:  Shakespeare, Globe Theater, 1600’s,  black plague, Elizabethan England
  54. Slave Dancer:  1840, slave ships, slavery, New Orleans, Africa
  55. Someone Named Eva:  Lebensborn center in Poland, Nazi, World War II
  56. Sounder: Civil Rights,  sharecroppers, early nineteenth century 
  57. Steal Away. . . to freedom by Jennifer Armstrong:  slavery
  58. Summer of My German Soldier: Nazi, prisoners of war (POW camp), internment camp
  59. True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle, The:   1832 transatlantic crossing, Puritans, mutiny
  60. Tucket's Travels: Mr. Tucket: Old West, Oregon Trail, Pawnee Indians
  61. Under the Blood Red Sun:  World War II, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, Japanese-Americans
  62. Vietnam #1: I Pledge Allegiance : Vietnam War, draft, U.S. Navy
  63. War Horse: World War I, cavalry, trench warfare  War Horse by Michael Morpurgo
  64. Witch of Blackbird Pond, The: Colony of Connecticut in 1687, religious intolerance, Puritanism,  Quakers 
  65. Woods Runner:  Revolutionary War, Hessians
  66. Words in the Dust: Afghanistan after the defeat of the Taliban
  67. Year of the Hangman, The :  This is actually speculative fiction, grounded in our past history.  It asks, what would have happened if the British had won the Revolutionary War? 
Assignment from a previous year: 
Historical Fiction Essay -- due February 15
    Historical Fiction Essay Research.docx

    Book of the Month Essay for Historical Fiction.docx
    The essay will be graded based on your writing a complete essay, presenting your research on the background of your novel, using informal citation, and using seventh-grade-appropriate conventions.

    Book of the Month Literary Elements Assessment -- due February 9
    Taking notes while reading:
    Historical Fiction Assess Literary Elements. A(1).docx

    BoM Questions for Jan Feb.doc

    My January February Book-of-the-Month Assessment.doc 

    Grading for Jan-Feb Book of the Month.doc