Thursday, January 12, 2012

Monday, January 9, 2012

Students received back their Book-of-the-Month tests and copied editing errors into their composition books as samples to use later as we learn about sentence structure, subject-verb agreement, apostrophes, and as we review commonly confused words and other spelling.

Reading from The Giver and working on a reading guide (road map). 

Spelling test next time on -er, -or. 
 This is the tape-in information for the composition books:

Errors from the Book-of-the-Month Assessment

Tape this into your composition book under “Editing.”  You will copy errors from your book of the month assignment into your composition book.  Clearly label which type of error each is.  These are the types of errors you will copy.
o   comma splice (Copy the two sentences that are hooked together incorrectly with a comma.)
o   run-on (Copy the two sentences that are run together when they should be separate.)
o   sentence fragments (also just called fragments) (Copy the fragment, and if there is one, the sentence that it should be hooked onto.)
o   apostrophe errors (Copy the phrase it is in, such as “Aunt Annie’s alligator.”)
o   subject-verb agreement Copy the part of the sentence that has an agreement error.  Example:
“The boys is late for class.”  You’d copy “boys is late.”   (Of course, that should be “The boys are late. . . “)

If you have misspelled one of our commonly confused words, you need to pick up one of the