Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Wednesday/Thursday, December 13/14, 2017

Announcements and Reminders:
Please write Santa Letters to raise money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation:
See this link for information and for the opportunity to write letters online. 

The last day to hand in late work, revisions, and extra credit (except your hall passes) is December 14.  You may hand in your hall passes before then  if you do not plan to use them.  

If you have not turned in your Cats Vs. Dogs essay, turn it in immediately! 

If you missed the argument writing vocabulary test, come to Cave Time or after school. 
If you received less than 15, you may retake the test on December 13/14.  
Study.  If you do not have the blue list of the words and their meanings, pick one up.  

Finish reading your realistic fiction book, and get your book of the month interview done!

Highly recommended:  A theater group in Salt Lake City is currently presenting The Little Prince.   If you haven't read the book by Antoine de Saint-Exupery, you should!  The play is a delightful adaptation of the book.  You can find more information here: 


For Extra Credit:
What is wrong with this? (Think conventions.)
What is it really saying? 

Targets for Today:

I can show that I understand and can write argument.
I can identify and use pronouns. 
I can define and discuss  important words. 

Today’s  Agenda:

We will be doing book interviews during class today for those who are ready.  

1.  Take 10-15 minutes to finish your Teenage Responsibility essay.  
  Post Test for Argument Writing.   Lab 202 for B-Day
ActiveTeenage Responsibility    Prompt Information212/7/1712/31/1812/7/17

DO NOT work on this outside of class.   There will be a points penalty if you do. 

2.  When you have finished your essay, read your realistic fiction or 
Write Santa Letters!    Google Macey's Make-a-Wish Santa Letters. 
Write NICE letters!  

3.  Retakes of Argument Writing Vocabulary Test  
       -- Today's score will replace the last score.  
       Study to make sure you will do better. 

4. Finish and check your pronoun packet, if you have not yet done that.  
      Hand it in to the top wire basket. 

We will be doing book interviews during class today for those who are ready.  

If You Were Absent:

See me to set up a time to complete your post test. 

Finish and check your pronoun packet, if you have not yet done that.  

      Hand it in to the top wire basket. 


Argument Writing:  A type of writing that states a position on a topic and defends it
Hook: A sentence or sentences that will engage your reader – get their attention
l         Claim/Thesis: A sentence that states your position and includes your main reasons
           Introduction:  The first paragraph of an essay
           Topic Sentence: The sentence near the beginning of the paragraph that states the central idea of the paragraph
          Background Information: The information the reader needs to understand a topic and why it is being discussed
           Body Paragraph:  A paragraph that comes between the introduction and the conclusion
           Transitions:  Words or groups of words that connect ideas and show relationships
           Formal Style:  Writing that does not include contractions or the pronouns "you" or "I"
           Reasons:  Logical main points to support a claim
           Evidence:  Facts, examples, statistics, etc. that support a claim
           Explanation:  explains the evidence and shows how it supports your reasons/claim
           Counterclaim/Opposing Claim:  an opposing argument; something the other side would say 
           Rebuttal:  proving why a counterclaim (opposing claim) is wrong using reasons and evidence
           Conventions:  correct spelling, capitalization, and punctuation
           Citation:  giving the source of the evidence 
           Conclusion:  sums up the main point of the whole essay