Thursday, May 5, 2016

Photo Poster Assignment

Figuratively Speaking Poster
By May 18/19 – for English class
Bring a photo of yourself DOING SOMETHING.
In class you will create a poster about that photo including
(Change your assignment to ONE each of the following:)
-1 simile
-1 metaphor
-1 hyperbole
-1 personification
-1 onomotopeia

-1 allusion
extra for alliteration (at least three repetitions of the sound)

I was visiting the Monterey Bay Aquarium on a trip to visit our old "stomping grounds"  (metaphor) with my daughters.  There must have been a million people  (hyperbole) there that day -- the aquarium was that busy.    I felt like a child on Christmas morning and happy memories from the years we lived in California were like gifts I was opening (simile).
     One of those memories was this: When we were living in California, I took a class of students on a wonderful, wild whale watching  (alliteration) trip when almost every student tossed their cookies (metaphor).  That day the Monterey Bay was showing off how lively it could be, with the waves jerking, jumping, and running along, racing with each other (personification).   The constant swish-splash, swish-splash, swish-splash (onomotopeia)  almost made me lose my own lunch.  It wasn't the perfect storm (allusion), but the water was rough.
     And to top it off, we saw the whales only at a far distance -- small specks of gray rising briefly from the water.   Still, it is a happy memory because I loved being out on a boat in the bay, and we all enjoyed the tour we took later that day of the aquarium.