Friday, August 28, 2009

I-Can/Target List -- My Bad!

I'm sorry for the confusion about the "I-Can" List that was with the disclosure document. I sent that home so you would know what we are learning first term, but I neglected to include an explanation of that. My bad!
Students should keep their "I-Can" lists in their binders. We'll check items off as the students pass them off.
Please notice that I don't expect the students to master all of the items this term, but we want to at least introduce and have a general understanding for such concepts as topic and theme and plot structure. We'll continue to work on them during the other terms.

Commonly Confused Words
By the end of the term, the students definitely should be able to recognize and spell the commonly confused words on the list.
After that five points will be lost from any student writing that has those words misspelled. We want to make sure these words are truly learned and mastered before the students go on to the next grade and are tested on the eighth grade core commonly confused words.