Monday, September 10, 2007

September 7

1. We took a brief trip to "the movies" to set the atmosphere of the 1960's for reading The Outsiders. We watched a clip of a Paul Newman movie, since the novel begins (and ends) with the main character stepping out "into the bright sunlight from the darkness of the movie house," thinking about how "tough" Paul Newman looks, and about how he probably should get a ride home.
2. Students listened to and read along with chapter 1 of The Outsiders. On their own copy, they marked any unfamiliar or confusing words or phrases, or any places they had questions.
3. Students filled out an opinionaire, agreeing or disagreeing with statements related to to The Outsiders and with the topic of "How Do I Fit In?" and writing a brief comment about one of those statements.
4. Students received back their spelling tests and Spelling Survival Lists. They are to select 5 more words (reusing words they missed on the first test) to study for a test on September 21.
5. Students had time to form groups for the Term Project, and turned in requests for topics.
(A4 Finished and corrected the Outsiders Slang papers.)

*If you haven't had your binder with folders checked off, do it as soon as possible.
*If you haven't taken your first spelling test, come after school (not on Monday).
*Don't forget to be reading outside class for your Reading Bingo (400 pages per term). Have your book approved and recorded on your bingo card by Ms. Dorsey. You may bring your Reading Bingo book to class to read if you finish an assignment early or otherwise have extra time.