Wednesday, August 22, 2007

August 23 -- Second Day

1. Spelling Assignment
See the post here titled "Spelling: My Personal Survival List."
On August 23, each student receives the list to fill out.
Homework is finishing filling out the list/chart with a parent or guardian.
Make sure each word is spelled correctly.
The student selects 5 words from the list that he or she has difficulty spelling.
The student studies those five words.
The student returns the Survival List, completely filled out, to the teacher on August 27.
The student takes a test on his or her five selected words on August 31.

2. Discussion of Classroom Rules and Procedures.

3. Reading Bingo Assignment
Students receive their Reading Bingo card to be used to record homework reading all year.
See the card for rules.
Make sure your parents approve of the books you read.
Make sure you have Ms. Dorsey approve and record each book before you begin reading it.
Read 400 pages outside of class each term. When we do a book portfolio, the portfolio book counts, but books we read as a whole class or literature circles do not.
See Ms. Dorsey's website or the English Department website for suggested books.
For Term 1 I recommend Life Problems/Realistic Fiction books.
The Reading Bingo is due Tuesday, October 9.
Reading 10 to 20 minutes a day will get you to your goal of 400 pages or more.
Extra pages lead to extra credit.

4. Classmate interview and writing a paragraph.